TRAVEL DIARY - Spring Break in Colorado

During our stay in Virginia I flew to Kansas to go on a spring trip with Q + his family + friends. We drove to Colorado to go skiing, staying by a little mountain town. Colorado is absolutely beautiful. Fell pretty hard for those views. It was my first time skiing (so you can imagine how that went -- I stuck mostly to the bunny slope ;)). Check out the new installment of Travel Diary at the bottom to get a glimpse into the trip. 



  1. how beautiful.
    what part of colorado did you visit? (i live there)
    ava of quiet land

  2. AH IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. colorado is my sweet, sweet home and it looks like you had an amazing time! xx cally

  3. wow wow wow that middle picture with the fog and snow covered trees. love.
    also can i just mention how much i LOVEEEEE your travel diaries.