i'm still here

Hi guys. Miss me?
Life has been so busy. I got a job, I started college. Those two things alone would be enough to keep my days 100% full.

Let me fill you in...


First off, after getting back from Virginia, I graduated high school.

It took a lot of work to make everything happen (getting things set up, rehearsal, etc. etc.) But the day was amazing and I couldn't be more thankful to my fam who made it happen and made me feel so loved. Also, to my mom who saw me through everyday of homeschooling and just life in general, even when there were more downs than ups.


On May 31st Q and I celebrated 1 year of dating! We're now going on a year and 4 months, 11 of which have been long distance. Now we're both in college, close to each other, and are able to see each other nearly every day. It still amazes me. He's the best and I'm so glad God chose him for me.


In June, I started a job. This is when adulting started to hit me hard. It made me appreciate my "free" time so much more. I'm still trying to find a balance with work/school/life/family. You know how it goes.


In July, I went to the church retreat that I met Quinton at. I was given some responsibilities there that really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and into being more honest with people, and with myself. In many ways I'm still trying to process all this, but I really think that's what refreshed me to strive towards healing and hope.

In August Q +  me + mom + my sisters drove 6 hours to Arkansas to see Twenty One Pilots. I can't really sum up this experience in a blog post. Just, if you can, go. I've never felt more hopeful or inspired as I did there. This was something I'll never forget.

In August I also started college. It's been a good experience. I'm in a two-year program to get my Associate's Degree in Graphic Arts. I'm still adjusting to this new way of life. But I'm thankful for it. (No matter the lack of sleep ;))


So that's it for now. More later.
Thanks for sticking around.



  1. girllllll love this! first of all, you are absolutely 💯gorgeous.
    second, you and q are so cute.
    third TØP. 💯YES. (but you already know this)
    lastly, i'm doing the same thing! two year associates degree in graphic arts. 💯💯💯ftw.

    xx, rn

  2. Still love your blog :) Keep going, lovely!