this is life

It's like this I guess:
Life is weird and busy and crazy and sometimes horrible and wonderful. And it's easy to get swamped with the things I have to do every day and just try to "get through it". But then I was like whoa. This is life.
It can seem like one long cycle of waking up at 6am, driving the same roads, filling my gas tank, classes, the afternoon tired phase, trying to eat something, work, homework, and on and on it goes.
But like I said, "Whoa. This is life."
All those little monotonous things. There will be different seasons, when different things fill the days. But for now this is where I am and I don't know about you, but I don't want to constantly live with the mentality of "just getting through". Sometimes it's the best we can do. But I guess my point is, as much as possible, I want to savor the things that are happening now that may never happen again. The age I am. The place I'm in. The people around me.
Because this is life.
{post originally from my instagram}

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  1. WHOA, yes. I've been feelings this so much lately. Thank you for putting it into words. <3