journal entry no. 1 | pressing flowers

preserved lilacs (favorite ever!) from this last spring


that's what summer is for

Our family took a spontaneous road trip to Nebraska. We decided to leave around three o'clock in the afternoon and woke up the next morning in a hotel. Because I guess that's what summer is for. We went to the Omaha Zoo for the day in absolutely perfect weather and drove home that night.

Good times.


on repeat • 01

Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967 by John Mayer[x]
Lover, Find Your Cover by Joy Williams [x]
Vienna by Billy Joel [x]
Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran [x]
The Age of Worry by John Mayer [x]



iced coffee | a recipe

I've tried several ways of making iced coffee over the last couple years, searching to find one that was just right. And, surprise, surprise! The other day my sister asked if she could make me some iced coffee and it was the best homemade one I'd ever had. So this is really Addy's recipe, but she helped me out with showing you guys how to make it. Because, it's really amazing and you can't go wrong with iced coffee, right?

step one / make a strong cup of coffee

(let coffee cool while you do step two)

step two / froth milk

step three / pack cup full of ice

step four / pour maple syrup over ice

step five / pour vanilla over ice

step six / pour coffee over ice

step seven / pour frothed milk over coffee

step eight / stir together and enjoy!

Vanilla Maple Iced Coffee

+4 oz coffee
+1/2 c milk (we used almond, but you can use dairy milk as well)
+1 tsp vanilla
+2 tbsp maple syrup

Brew 4oz coffee. Froth milk. Fill cup to the top with ice. Pour vanilla and syrup over ice. Add coffee. Add frothed milk. Stir and enjoy!