someone, somewhere

I'm going to miss Florida.
Miss having family to talk to and hang out with. There's the five of us, yes. But it's so good to feel like we belong to someone, somewhere.

- written 11/28/15


Christmas phone wallpaper

YOU GUYS. It's December! Which is so exciting because CHRISTMAS. Thought I'd help you out with making your phone a little festive for the month. This time you can choose from two wallpapers! Options! Yay!


Instructions for downloading this wallpaper:

From computer to phone:

Right click on the picture > Select "open in image in new tab" > Go to the tab and right click again, hit "save image as...", then save the image to your downloads > Go to your email! Attach the file from your downloads! > Pick up your phone and go to your email! > Save the attachment to your camera roll! > Go to camera roll and set this as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!

From phone (the simpler way):
*instructions for iPhones/iPods

Tap on the image to make it pop up in its own screen > Tap image again and hit "Save Image" > Go to your camera roll, select image > Set as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!