before it's gone

i once asked 
if you could miss something
before it's gone.
now I know.
you can
and you will.
(i do.)



writing prompt / 002

002. What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

I'd have to say my favorite work of art would be Starry Night by Van Gough. 1) Because I do not know many works of art in the literal sense and 2) because it has been on the dining room wall of my grandpa's house as long as I can remember.

Two things I've learned from writing this: 1) I need to study more art. Classic things. Historical things. For claiming to love art so much, I suppose I am not well-versed in it at all, 2) that I need to look around more -- and not just look but observe. Because I've realized, though I can vaguely recall Starry Night, I do not know it in detail in my mind, though I've walked past it perhaps a few hundred times. And I know if I were to walk past someday, and it was suddenly gone, I would miss it. I wonder how many other things are like that. 1/15/15

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Oh heyyy. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Somehow the past few months have slipped by in a fury of excitement. Q&A part two will be coming soon (cross your fingers). And perhaps I'll take to blogging a little more. It's not that there's a lack of things to tell, believe you me. But there is a sacredness in things untold.

And hey, it seems that I've joined tumblr. So go check that out here (X).

See you soon. xo.