days that feel like home

I found this post in my drafts. I remember somewhat of what was going through my head when I started this post. Virginia had started to feel like home. And we were about to leave. I loved it, and I hated it. Hard to leave, hard to stay. Either way. I didn't know if Kansas would feel like home again. I was scared it wouldn't anymore. 

Now we've been home for about two months. And it does feel like home. That time we lived by the lake, half way across the country, for nearly half a year seems surreal, distant, like one long dream.

I've graduated high school, enrolled in college, Q and I are about to celebrate our one year dating anniversary. I've put my journals all back where they belong, I've potted succulents, I've gone back to drinking coffee in my big bed in the mornings.

These days feel like home.


TRAVEL DIARY - Washington D.C.

We took a little trip to D.C. during our stay in Virginia. A quick weekend of navigating metros, busy streets, and catching a couple sights, and some good food. Watch the newest Travel Diary installment below to check it all out.

the washington monument

shake shack in union station

the jefferson memorial

the holocaust museum

d.c. metro