that kind of love

it’s as if God, knowing exactly and infinitely what i needed earth-side, took all of that and put it into a person. all the ways i needed built up, all the things that needed to be chipped away. someone who would encourage me in the ways i needed encouraged. someone who would challenge me in the ways i needed challenged. someone to face new things with. someone to be by my side and someone’s side for me to be by. someone to put into clarity all the things that had happened, and to ease all the things that would happen. someone that would love me in a way i never could’ve imagined, the kind of love that doesn’t even think of giving up when things get hard. the kind of love that weathers well. the kind that loves when you don’t find yourself lovable. the kind of love that looks at me and sees in me what i can’t see in myself and makes me believe it’s there. the kind of love that says “i will do anything for you”. the kind that sees you for who you are and loves you still. the kind that understands, and tries to when it doesn’t. the kind of love that makes everything better. the kind of love that makes you love more.
and that’s my Q.
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"art is not what i create. what i create is chaos."

a photo set i had a little fun with recently.


TRAVEL DIARY - Homeward Bound

“That weird feeling you get when you are leaving a place, knowing it will probably be the last time you ever see it again. The last time that point in your life will ever be in the present. The scenery, the landscapes, and the people you will miss. Right as you drive away, a sudden panic of regret overcomes you. You are almost convinced you might be making a mistake, maybe you want to stay. Then you remember the reason you are leaving in the first place and how much more you have ahead of you. A chapter in your life has ended, but a new chapter is beginning.”
-Lynette Simeone

When we started our trip to Virginia I thought I'd take up vlogging some of our adventures. And here it is. The last one. The end. When we were homeward bound.

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