Was skimming through an old notebook and found this...

"Be yourself because someday, somebody's going to be the same kind of different that you are."
You'll hear people say that.
Maybe not exactly in those words.
But basically so.
But you know what?
Be yourself because that's who you were created to be. Because God made you in His image with a specific purpose in mind.
And, perhaps, as a bonus...somebody will really dig that different.

(thoughts from July 2014, now written)


writing prompt / 004

004. Which is stronger, love or hate? 

Love, of course. Hate is only love gone wrong, misplaced or mistreated. Hate cannot exist on its own, becaue it itself is the void of love. 4/28/15


the feeling of months gone by

We got back from Virginia six months ago now. Half a year. Half a year since living by the lake, half a year since winding roads and abundant trees, half a year since waiting in the Food Lion parking lot and eating a whole bag of sunchips, half a year since listening to Billy Joel albums in the damp basement, half a year since realizing home is not a place, home is your people.

I found some short clips form VA, there and back. So here's just a little feeling of months gone by.


writing prompt / 003

003. Name one thing you have lied to your self about. Why did you do this?

I lied to myself about my shyness being virtuous, rather than selfish. It was comfortable. It was safe. I avoided vulnerability. I lied to myself by thinking that it would be fulfilling to never stretch, jump, or take the risk. The best thing I ever did? It was getting over that shyness. And some of the best experiences have come from that. 2/4/15