"a place is only a place."

(back home) 

"Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place."

You knew it would come. That inevitable post about homesickness. Well here it is, albeit different than I thought. 

This is not your typical aching, cry everyday homesickness. It's more of a knowledge.

I'm happy to be here in Virginia, experiencing new things. (From the first, I set out to enjoy it and not wish it away. Too many reservations last time. No reservations this time.)

It's funny, the last trip versus this present one. I think I was homesick for temporary things. 

You know, I do miss the farm, the house, my tall bed, and my own desk. I do miss the clear horizon, the way you can see for miles, those Kansas sunrises and sunsets. But I haven't really sat down and thought them all out til now.

More than anything, I miss the people. That's what sticks out in my mind.

My family is here, the five of us, all on this adventure together. The people I call home, they're here.

But there's still others I love and miss back in Kansas. 

It's a strange thing to have your heart scattered in several places.



  1. the more i travel and the older i get, the more i realize the truth in this. i love this so much!

  2. Isn't it strange, no matter what great fun you are having, what new things you are doing, "there IS no place like home"!��