writing prompt / 001

I got a new journal. Actually, several new journals. It seems I find them in abundance and even when I'm not looking, they find me. One of them, though, is a bit different from the others. It's entitled "300 Writing Prompts" and is filled with just that. Now, I don't think I'll post them all here. I mean, some are bound to crash and burn. But the ones that turn out decently, I'll put a few of them here.

001. What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

My favorite way to spend a lazy day would be to rise early, before anyone else. To watch the sunrise from my bedroom window. To pull out my journal and write down long-pent-up thoughts, and maybe just scribble down some imaginings and hopes and dreams and fears as well. To have a clean face and a big comfy shirt. To paint and sketch in the soft early morning light. A few cups of coffee. One for necessity, the others just because I can and have the time to sip them slowly. Later, to pull out a book and read -- really read. Get caught up in the story, like I have not done for far too long. To maybe curl up in my bed in the afternoon -- sleep seems so much more appealing in the light. A little nap. After that, to turn on my favorite music and listen to the lyrics -- really listen. Then talk to those people who are my favorites and really talk to them with all my attention. Maybe write a few letters I won't mail. And to finish, a good, suspenseful tv show with a blanket around my shoulders. 1/13

And now I'm curious -- what is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?


  1. ohhh, a journaling prompt book sounds like so much fun. i should see if i can track one that, that would be a stretch from my usual journaling.
    and i think your lazy day sounds like absolute perfection.

    1. it's really pretty fun. i got mine at barnes & noble.

      this one: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/300-writing-prompts-piccadilly/1119587658?ean=9781608636921

      you should totes get one! xo.