Free Fallin' Phone Wallpaper

Hey! I did a thing. Want a free fall phone wallpaper? Of course you do! (If you got the dumb pun/song reference in the post title, kudos to you. And let's be friends.)

To download this wallpaper, hand-painted by yours truly, simply follow these directions:

From computer to phone:

Right click on the picture > Select "open in image in new tab" > Go to the tab and right click again, hit "save image as...", then save the image to your downloads > Go to your email! Attach the file from your downloads! > Pick up your phone and go to your email! > Save the attachment to your camera roll! > Go to camera roll and set this as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!

From phone (the simpler way):
*instructions for iPhones/iPods

Tap on the image to make it pop up in its own screen > Tap image again and hit "Save Image" > Go to your camera roll, select image > Set as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!


Enjoy your new fall wallpaper!

@haleyjanepaints on instagram

*Artwork is property of Haley Jane, for personal use only.


  1. The second I read the title, I got the song in my head. And then I realized it WAS a pun and not just my silly brain. So hi-five

    1. So now we are officially best friends, okay? Okay. *MULTIPLE HI-FIVES*

  2. yass for the pun references. (john mayer's version is the best.) and this is the cutest wallpaper ever.

    1. A MILLION TIMES YES. and thank you(: xo.

  3. Oh wow, thanks, Haley! You have such amazing artistic skills + I adore your work. (And vote for more wallpaper in the future. :)) Yay!