Christmas phone wallpaper

YOU GUYS. It's December! Which is so exciting because CHRISTMAS. Thought I'd help you out with making your phone a little festive for the month. This time you can choose from two wallpapers! Options! Yay!


Instructions for downloading this wallpaper:

From computer to phone:

Right click on the picture > Select "open in image in new tab" > Go to the tab and right click again, hit "save image as...", then save the image to your downloads > Go to your email! Attach the file from your downloads! > Pick up your phone and go to your email! > Save the attachment to your camera roll! > Go to camera roll and set this as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!

From phone (the simpler way):
*instructions for iPhones/iPods

Tap on the image to make it pop up in its own screen > Tap image again and hit "Save Image" > Go to your camera roll, select image > Set as your wallpaper or lock screen! Or both! Wha-la!


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  1. THESE ARE PERF. They simply ooz with Christmas merriment.