a long way from home. a long time since home.

We're three and a half months into our stay in Virginia. It's so strange to think about how long we've been here. Three and a half months may not sounds like much. But when I think about it, it was the first day of November that I woke up and wiped tears off my face, packed my last few things chaotically, and hugged my boyfriend goodbye. Since then, we've settled in, had Thanksgiving, went to Florida, Christmas passed, I went to Kansas for a week, the New Year started, I turned 18. We're now half way through February. The downhill slope for going home.

I hesitated whether or not to write about our stay, or home, or anything of the sort right now. Because it's really all still unclear to me. But I guess writing could get rather monotonous if you were always seeing from the perspective of having everything sorted out. But that takes time. And so I assume it's okay to write when you're in the midst of the feeling. When you're still confused.

I have no doubt that someday it'll all make sense. Why we had to be here. At this time.

So here we are. Good things are on the horizon. Things in Virginia are good too. Yes, it hurts to be away from home. It hurts to be away from the people you love most in the world. (I've been through all the possible emotions.) But here we are. We're learning how to make it.

I think the thing that's most important to me right now, no matter how many times I've failed previously, is making it a good experience. These last weeks here. I want to look back and not regret the way I left. Or the way I stayed.

So here's to trying. And failing. And trying again. And here's to staying well. And leaving well. And appreciating where you are, wherever that may be.

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  1. amen from the deepest parts of my weary soul, hun. amen. <3